About Us


LeCadeau Communications Limited is a Strategic Communication Agency with a track record of rendering innovative PR and Development Communication Consultancy and Training Services. Our operating philosophy is to partner with the client as an integral part of their business. This mindset stem from our guiding philosophy that exceeding the expectations of the client, is meeting our expectations.

We combine strong professional vision, cumulative experiences spanning over 40 years, focused social entrepreneurial assets and advantages of cutting-edge technology in driving our interests and service capabilities in any sector of the economy.


  • Motivated & Experienced Team & Partners
  • Trusted & Inclusive Management structures
  • Accountability & Result-oriented business development frameworks
  • Innovative, Technology Driven & improved internal resources
  • Clear, Responsive & Timely Communication Supports
  • We look at our service beyond its short-term commercial gain. We are always guided by our resolve to using communication as a force for good. We therefore, benchmark every of our work on it  impact in co-create a new reality of social, economic, environmental and ethical responsibilities – which is our Quadruple Bottom-Line.


The company was incorporated under the Federal Republic of Nigeria Companies and Allied Matters Act of 1990 and by authorized shares as a Limited Liability Company issued on the 19th of May 2006.


Our Vision

To be a force for economic and social good, inspiring people and organisation to lead their development.

Our Mission

To reinvent how people and organisations communicate, relate, and inspire mutual development and sustainability.

Our Values

The prices we pay are adherence to those simple but very important creeds that have defined great success over the years!

  • Professionalism & Leadership,
  • Critical Thinking & Sense of Urgency
  • Focus, Integrity & Excellence
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