Training & Capacity Building

Sustainability & Development Communication Module:

  • Understanding the Basic of the Sustainability –Concept
  • Managing Project Sustainability – Mastering the SDGs implementation roadmap
  • Behavioural Decision Making
  • Driving Behaviour Change & raising Awareness
  • Policy & Reform Communication

 Leadership Communication Modules:

  • Leadership Communication in a Virtual World
  • Influence & Persuasion in Leadership
  • Communication Strategies: Presenting with Impact
  • Leading through Digital Disruption

 Organisational Development & Transformation Modules:

  • Basics of Data-driven Decision Making
  • Change management and organisational transformation
  • Process improvement: Leading through Digital Disruption
  • Creative Thinking: Innovative Solutions to complex Challenges
  • Strategic Planning: gaining a Competitive Edge
  • Business Strategy: Evaluating and Executing the Strategic Plan
  • Digital Change Management & Marketing Strategy
  • Development of a Learning Organisation and continuous Process Improvement

 PR & Communication Management Modules:

  • Communication Strategies: Presenting with Impact
  • Building and Sustaining Multi-Stakeholder Partnership
  • Enhancing Organisation PR & Communication Management Strategy
  • Data Visualization: Communicating Data and Complex Ideas Visually

 Entrepreneurship Module:

  • Visioning & Vision Management
  • Managing Brand Reputation as Bottom Line
  • Strategic Marketing: Mastering brand Positioning
  • Branding & Brand Management
  • Product Brand Vs Human Brand – The Convergence point
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