At LeCadeau, we manage the future, we support our clients in their PR, Development Communication and Sustainability Management journey. We are the social conscience of clients we advocate for. We work with clients to fill the gap created by the engagement era, a new era in Communication. It’s a time when people want to engage with each other, the brands or issues they care about in the ways they want, how they want and where they want. It’s a time when people are taking control from the brands that used to do most of the talking and shaping their own stories.

We offer innovative PR and Development Communications, Research and Capacity Building solutions. We use cutting-edge technology in driving our service interests and expertise through global delivery platforms. Our Service Sectors are;

  • Public Relations
  • Development Communication
  • Research & Survey
  • Training & Capacity Building
We provide insight, communicate strategy and manage changing stakeholder expectations and growing demand on organisations to shift focus from primarily meeting shareholders value to creating positive priority contributions to society. We report in a measurable and comparative manner organisations’ transition from focus only on economic gains to a holistic perspective of performance and social and environmental impact as well as ethical responsibility. We manage CSR and social investment programmes; issues identification, prioritization and management, investigative research, etc.
We provide insight on the social, environmental and ethical impact of organisation activities to measure total impact, compare strategies and prioritise investment decisions. We perform materiality analysis, True Value mapping, governance frameworks assessment, issues clustering to set benchmarks and frameworks to generate shared values, commitments and goals to drive sustainability performance.
In an era of increasing burden of trust, positive brand image, perception and reputation are core asset for sustaining public confidence and loyalty to a brand. Regular brand audit is very critical for brand expression, because most brand failures are either attributed to over-rating or under-rating. Our publicity and branding strategy anchors on strategic research, engagement, creative designs, marketing communication, etc.
We create eco-friendly environment and healthier interiors that offer excellence in comfort, luxury, and value. Our capabilities include;
• Comprehensive eco-friendly furnishing process from design inspiration to installations
• Renovation projects and space management
• Custom décor that is consistent with specific objective
• Supply of furniture and expert installations consultation
• Window treatments and supply of furnishing accessories.
• Event conception, marketing and management.
At LeCadeau, we engage stakeholders with compelling content to create emotional experiences that drive participation. We influence opinion and advance loyalty with genuine, transparent and relevant stories because engaging people in conversations that matter to them is what we do. We provide premium media solutions because our team have strong background in journalism. We advance community building and social communication because much of our work is grounded in digital media.
Building Partnership and engaging people in what matters to them is at the very core of what we do. We always work together with our clients to develop engagement and participation strategies that focus on establishing and sustaining goodwill, acceptability, understanding, relationship specific for their brand, project or business success.
We are not newsroom journalists, but we fill the gap created by shrinking traditional newsrooms through strategic investigative research that gives clear direction on specific issue, crisis, event, etc. We know how to get information out through compelling mystery shopping, investigative research and background interviews. Our mystery shopping offering is a watchdog research strategy we deploy for organisations of to measure quality of services or compliance with regulation. We also undertake mystery shopping to gather specific information about products and services; measure employee and customer behaviours, etc and provide detailed unbiased report of our finding.
We undertake research to drive attention to pertinent social, environmental, ethical and governance issues. We offer strategic data coordination for effective decision making. To ensure high quality and objectivity, all our research reports outcome undergo a rigorous internal and external peer review process. To ensure it is grounded in fact and independent analysis. Our research capabilities include;
• Custom research to assess, analyse and inform relevant strategies, opinions and perceptions.
• Privately funded research to advance knowledge on pertinent issues and challenges. Eg. Social Survey and opinion poll etc.
• Publicly funded research to inform actions and policies on critical issues and challenges.
We offer relevant trainings that is tailored to meet individual, business, project as well as government capacity expansion needs. Our training offering include standard, customised and foreign trainings. Our standard training is tailored to meet industrial sector capacity needs. While the customised training is set up on our clients’ demand to meet specific project or business capacity expansion needs.
While the standard trainings are pre-schedule; the customised training could be set up in client training rooms, office, or even at a nearby training centre or hotel. Clients have options in format: number of days, hours, modules, etc.
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